V² Presents
ValeVibe Cooler Cruise

Venue: Harbour Master
C3 Marina, 119 Western Main Road, Port of Spain

Saturday 7th December, 2019

3:00pm to 7:00pm


ValeVibe Cooler Cruise
Saturday 7th December, 2019

3:00pm to 7:00pm

It’s official! The Vibe is setting sail on Trinidad’s high waters.

Join the next generation of Vibe at V² Cooler Cruise

ValeVibe Cooler 2020
Tuesday, February 18th 2020

4pm - 11pm

Venue: Bayview, Maracas

Price: TT$400.00/US $65.00

The most anticipated COOLER FETE…is back and fully charged!
ValeVibe, known for producing awesome Carnival Fetes,
Invites you to join us at the scenic Bayview, Maracas
On Tuesday 18th , February 2020 for ValeVibe COOLER 2020.
This COOLER FETE is already highly rated and anticipated to provide a high quality fete experience
And an excellent alternative fete option to patrons during the week preceding Carnival


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The concept was borne out of a house “lime” that took place at 31 Amethyst Avenue in Diamond Vale in 1994. The “lime” typically commenced just after the announcement of the National Panorama Final results. The lime would kickoff around 4 am as Panorama went into the early morning hours in those days. The theme, “bring a bottle” arrangement with some light snacks was provided by the host. It continued in its current format as a “bring yuh bottle” via word of mouth to other attendees. The first year saw about 75 to 90 family and friends hanging out in the garage / front lawn and having a great time well into the early morning sunrise. “D’ Original Vale Breakfast Party” grew steadily over the years and was the first of it kind and provided the motivation for similar events all over the globe. Breakfast Parties are hosted throughout the Caribbean in North/South America, Africa, South East Asia, Europe and have morphed in various “types” of formats. In 2007 the organizers of the D Original Vale Breakfast Party by request of our global fan base decided that it was time to take the “Vibe” from the “Vale” and bring the experience to patrons that could not make it to Carnival to experience D Original Vale Breakfast Party. Today ValeVibe continues to be one of the most sought after events globally. In 2014 we made a move from Diamond Vale to Santa Cruz our new venue to accommodate our patrons. We have moved to our new location but our heart will always be rooted in Diamond Vale. Our Mission Is To Bring Friends, Families, and Strangers together to share our culture, celebrate life and have an amazing experience!